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Belle Inspired Transformation Dress

Belle Inspired Transformation Dress

by designer daddy
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**We only ordered so many and once we run out, they're gone for at least 1 year!


This 2-in-1 transformation dress was made specifically for that special little girl in your life. With a dress that can transform itself in just a few seconds, she will surely light up when she experiences the 'magic' right before her own eyes!


She'll go from wearing Belle's ordinary dress to a magnificent ball gown in just a few seconds!


Table  KickstarterBackers

This project started out as a Kickstarter; it was just an idea at first but due to the immense success of it, it has come to life! We've already had 398 people back our project. Now is one of your only chances to surprise your little daughter, grand-daughter or niece with a special dress. Also, our dress is not sold in stores or anywhere else! Learn more about our Kickstarter here.



When choosing a size you are best to choose the size your child normally wears. The dresses a run a little big by design and you can use the ribbon to make a great fit. Watch the video for an explanation. 

ABOUT designerdaddy_


Nephi Garcia is the owner of Designer Daddy in Anaheim. Garcia designs elaborate custom gowns. His rags-to-ball-gown story is like that of Cinderella, but his craft makes him more like the fairy godfather, turning ordinary women and girls into princesses


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