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I started Designer Daddy as a passion project. I have always loved fashion but struggled to follow my dreams. It was not until my family and I were on our last leg that things started to change.

One day I took my family to Disney Land and my daughter wanted a princess dress. I knew I could not afford it so I promised her I would make her a special dress of her very own. When he got to work my wife challenged me to make something special, something more than a simple dress. What we created was magical a dress that could transform from an ordinary dress to a beautiful princess gown.

As soon as other people saw the dress it was an instant hit. People started asking me to make them a dress and they wanted to follow me on social media. Designer Daddy was born! Since then I have been blessed to with great fans and customers that have allowed me to make some amazing things.  Everything has been made custom by hand which is amazing but also means our work is very expensive.

Our Goal is to make the magic of Designer Daddy more affordable to more people. We are scaling up to mass produce exciting designs. We also hope to introduce new designs and we have some amazing things planned for you! 

Designer Daddy is more than just me. I have always relied on the power and passion of everyone that supports me. I have been so inspired by the support that everyone has given us over the past few years and I know we can build something beautiful that will reach millions of people.

We can bring a little more magic to this world. Thank you so much for your support. I hope you will join us on this Journey!